Patricia Dolores.A.K.A P.D.Bird

The life and times of Patricia Dolores. This is a story about a little bird that touched the world.. She lived amazing life in the city by the bay and this is where she shared her adventures.

Ask me anything, just don't ask if I bite (I do)

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We went to visit Bobby B and he introduced to this British babe he is dating. Her name is Mango! You go Bobby! Great looking couple who stopped making out for 2 seconds so we could get this picture. 

 On side note: Take note of Bobby and Mango’s great setup! #CageFree and they even have bike handlebars to perch on!!!!! #ParrotRevolution

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It always makes us kinda sad when we meet large parrots. Wish this guy was in the rainforest. Large parrots like this are loud and not very sustainable. Also in their natural habitat they consume special nuts and fruit that are hard to provide here in the USA.

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Jason Isbell jammin. This was this festivals first year and people just had no clue about it. The vibe really reminded us of the Hardly Strictly bluegrass festival in San Francisco.(Except it’s not free to the people, Like HSBF Thank you Mr. Helman for that gift!)

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Indiana PD (And Bobby B.) Visit the Monterey Presidio in search of the ancient remains of the Ohlone/Rumsen village of Hunnukul. This is the location of the “rain boulder”. We have been very excited to visit this location.  

 This is a national treasure. 

 The rain boulder was amazing,sitting unmarked,unfenced,unrecognized by the thousands of people who pass it each year on the way to visit some dumb fort built RIGHT ON TOP OF THE LARGEST SHELL MITTEN WE HAVE EVER SEEN!.

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Probably the cutest video on the internet.

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Carmel Hill bike path. Just hanging with @BobbyBudgieBird 

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We have really enjoyed the company of @BobbyBudgieBird on this trip. Popi was a little worried about me being so bossy, but I told Popi that I’m just trying to teach Bobby whats up so that he can enjoy the life we live. 

 First thing is looking good. I’m the lady Gaga of birds. So if your gonna be rolling around with me,you better be looking good. 

 Popi caught these secret shots of me preening Bobby B.

Popi note: There were lil kissing sounds going on too PD!

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George and his bird’s. These guys are a Monterey institution!

George and his bird’s. These guys are a Monterey institution!

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We had heard that there were 2 parrots with homeless people in Monterey. We had met Ollie already

This is his buddy Monty! What a sweetheart! 

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Announcement from SiNs-Fids:
I am thinking of starting up a donation fund for a big vet visit all my birds need in the near future because money has been quite difficult this year and our vet fund has become completely empty.

In return I am thinking that donations of a certain amount or more get a picture drawn by me of a bird of your choice as I would hate to ask without giving something in return. I have put two examples here of my previous work with pastels on pastel paper.

Details are yet to be worked out but I will keep you all posted. : )


This talented woman does amazing art work of parrots.. we hope that one day we can get a picture done by her!

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