Patricia Dolores.A.K.A P.D.Bird

The life and times of Patricia Dolores. This is a story about a little bird that touched the world.. She lived amazing life in the city by the bay and this is where she shared her adventures.

Ask me anything, just don't ask if I bite (I do)

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Crossing the Golden gate back to the city. On long trips like this you really miss the little things about the city. It felt great to be getting back.

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Sutro. Golden Gate. And a rock….

Sutro. Golden Gate. And a rock….

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Crossing the bridge on an amazing day! We met this really great bike cop along the way,he said his mom had some sun conures and was amazed to see me out here. The view and the wind in our faces was amazing. 

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This will be my 3rd trip across the mighty Golden Gate!

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P.D. Panoramic 2012 

P.D. Panoramic 2012 

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Golden gate recreation area. 

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We Out Here

We Out Here

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Golden gate bridge from Chrissy field. This weather is just amazing. 

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We went to Biktoberfest in Marin county city of Fairfax. These are some pictures from our trip over the Golden gate bridge and at the festival.

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