Patricia Dolores.A.K.A P.D.Bird

The life and times of Patricia Dolores. This is a story about a little bird that touched the world.. She lived amazing life in the city by the bay and this is where she shared her adventures.

Ask me anything, just don't ask if I bite (I do)

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This is me and the Dance Party Robot(DPR) DPR can be followed on twitter at @DancePartyRobot While its an awesome idea, we have a couple of suggestions for DPR(if u happen to be reading this)1.You have to get a mixtape with no break. Everyone jumps up to dance and then BAM,silence. 2. You have to stick around. Everyone jumps up to dance,and then u just robot away.WTH? One last thing DPR,how about some speakers on the back? I saw the lil fans,great idea. But some speakers on the back would make u surround sound(or something)DPR. Anyway, you are the best! Thanks for bringing the party!!

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