Patricia Dolores.A.K.A P.D.Bird

The life and times of Patricia Dolores. This is a story about a little bird that touched the world.. She lived amazing life in the city by the bay and this is where she shared her adventures.

Ask me anything, just don't ask if I bite (I do)

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While at the beach looking for whales and sea otters.We saw some scuba divers that were in distress.One was waving his arms and yelling “HELP!!HELP!!” This woman ran over to help rescue them from the water. The fire trucks showed up(My favorite part) and the divers tried to play off the fact that they almost drowned. Thinking that they were going to get in trouble with the firemen the divers tried to say that he had said something like”KELP!!KELP!!,There sure is alot of kelp!” Overall it was pretty funny and this lady was our hero of the day

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