Patricia Dolores.A.K.A P.D.Bird

The life and times of Patricia Dolores. This is a story about a little bird that touched the world.. She lived amazing life in the city by the bay and this is where she shared her adventures.

Ask me anything, just don't ask if I bite (I do)

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We saw alot of Black tail deer and even a bobcat!

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Marine terrace overlooking the beach at Molera.

Marine terrace overlooking the beach at Molera.

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Southern alligator lizard.

Southern alligator lizard.

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Super Hikey Velo Parrot.

Super Hikey Velo Parrot.

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looking north and looking south along the coast.

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To be honest. The greatest thing about hiking is all the snacks that Popi and me get to stop and eat. This is us at the top of Bluff trail at Andrew Molorea

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I prefer biking to hiking. Hiking is to slow! Still any time with my Popi is a good time regardless of how we spend it.

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Hurricane point. Boy was it windy!

Hurricane point. Boy was it windy!

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This was like our 20th trip into or out of Big Sur this summer. We read recently that the “Bixby” bridge was in fact called the “Rainbow Bridge” when it first opened. WTF. ¬†From this point forward we are refering to it by its original (and appropriate) name. Rainbow bridge!

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